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In my book, to contemplate something means to give this "something" the chance to present itself directly and to be experienced directly.

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Questions and Answers

Why should I want to contemplate?
People usually notice a "longing" to explore levels of reality other than the obvious one. And with contemplation it's like with everything else in life: your inner motivation and impulse should decide whether you do something or not. Going against this impulse turns everything you do into an unpleasant exercise. Why would you want to do this? Yet, should you notice a "longing", please follow it.

What is contemplation "good" for?
Contemplation is something that, among other things, leads to the "vertical". This means that you experience the world, yourself, and your essence on levels other than the obvious. Such so called "state experiences" change everything and, then again, nothing. Is there a "benefit" in it for you? Nobody except you can tell. You have to find that out for yourself.

Can everybody just start contemplating?
Well, yes. Why not? Yet, if you need a starting point, look for others and communities around you, that offer contemplation trainings or groups. Try them. Try different ones, to get an idea, what resonates with you and what doesn't. Don't believe anything that is sold as "the truth" or "the only path to truth". And don't even believe that. If you have a serious intention and you are open, the "right" way for you will find you.

Is there a "right" way to contemplate?
There are as many ways to contemplate as there are people being on this path. Whether you prefer being part of a community with a long tradition that can draw from thousands of years of experience or whether you chose an individual dogma free way (or anything "in between") is entirely up to you. Listen to your intuition and your "longing"!

What exactly does it mean, to "experience something directly"?
It means that the experiencer and the experienced are one. So, it does not mean sensing, thinking, feeling, or otherwise perceiving something. Because then there would be someone who senses, thinks, feels, or perceives and something that is sensed, thought, felt, or perceived. Hence, these two are not one. All this sounds like something to you, that cannot be understood? Unfortunately, it can't. The mind cannot grasp or understand this state, nor is it an "achievement" of our mind.

Where did I learn the technique, I am offering?
The technique and retreat format I am practicing and offering is called the "Enlightenment Intensive" and came into the world through Charles and Ava Berner. You can find out more about this at I have been trained by Lawrence Noyes and Nanna Michael. I have assisted in retreats by different retreat leaders in the USA, England, and Germany. And I have been practicing this technique and format for around 15 years now, in the different roles of participating and assisting in Enlightenment Intensives and offering and leading them. But then again: It's only one technique and approach of a thousand of such approaches. Try it and then decide if it resonates with you or not.

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