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You take care of your work, topics, and goals,
I take care of the process that enables and supports you.

Some of the formats I facilitate:

All formats in person, hybrid, and online.

Are you looking for a facilitator?

Don't hesitate to get in touch. The first meeting is free of charge. The aim of such a first meeting is a mutual understanding of your situation and your goals. And you can get to know my way of working.

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You want to personally move on or grow? You have a situation, that you want to, or have to solve, and need a "sparing partner" or an "outer reference" to clear yourself?

My professional attitude as a Coach:

Don't hesitate to get in touch. You can find out whether coaching is the right approach and whether I might be the right coach for you in a first, non-binding, and free of charge introductory meeting.

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You have "tried everything" and nothing did work? You're at a point where you realize, that "more of the same" might rather lead to an amplification of an unwanted situation then to solving it? Please get in touch and we can work on it.

I am certainly not promising solutions or even salvation. Nevertheless, the idea of „The End of Achievability“ is after all, that "true" Transformation becomes possible at such points (and sometimes only then).

My approach: Curiosity and radical openness.

The procedure: Supporting and opening questions and participatory formats.

The consequence: Ideally? Change and/or transformation.

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Ich teach what I do.


Process led work

Train the Trainer

The integral approach

Improvisation and street performance

Additionally, I offer one to one coaching for facilitators, process workers, and for street and improv performers.


At the moment I am not organizing any training or education myself. Still, please get in touch if you are interested. There is always a chance that some institute might offer one of the trainings or educations above with me as leader. And there might be enough other people who have shown interest in the same topic so that I might get together a group big enough to organize a training or education myself.

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Organizations I have worked with

Amongst others: City of Munich, City of Colone, Administration of Upper Bavaria, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Technical University Munich, University of Applied Sciences Munich, Marvell, Caritas, Internationaler Bund, Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Pfennigparade, Carl von Linde-Akademie Munich - ProLehre, Integrales Forum, Clowns without Borders Germany, Artabana, German Polish Society Munich.


I am working together with different facilitators, coaches, trainers, consultants, counsellors, and performing artists. Find out more.

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